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Verified Key Strengths
Our company believes "customer comes first", so we empolyed 6 sales with over 2 years experience so that each customer has a specialist to consult with.
With high quality and competitive price, our products are well sold within China. Now we also welcome ODM orders overseas.
Our company was established in 2010. Currently, our clients mainly in Oceania,North America,Western Europe. Hope to work with you.
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Supplier Assessment Report(s)
  • Report-1Period valid: Sep.2018 - Sep.2019
    Audited by:
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    Relationship With Gold Supplier: Self-owned
    Business Type: Trading Company
    Industry: Skate Board
    Product/Service: Skate Board, Long Board, Skate Board and Long Board Accessories
    No. of Employees: 11 - 50 People
    No. of International Trading Staff: 6 People
    Total Building Size: 350 Square meters
    Office Size: 350 Square meters
    Export License Registration No.: 02342328
    Annual Revenue(last year): confidential
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Main Product Lines Verification Report(s)
  • Main Product Lines Verification Report(s)
    Report-1Period valid: Sep.2018 - Sep.2019
    Audited by:
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